Monday, November 9, 2009

With just a litle help from a friend... we can do everything!

I made this card for the "Win a day on the Blog" at Hero Arts. 3 or 4 times a year (didn't do my research here) the fine folks at Hero Arts pick 4 or 5 (again with the lack of research) extremely talented folks to feature on their blog. They pick these folks from their Flickr group. All you have to do is submit your work by tagging it correctly. The current tag is "blogday2009". Easy peasy! The current deadline is Nov 30th, so I still have lots of time. Nothing to it...we are talking breeze through...

Did I happen to mention that you may only use stamps that are in the current Holiday and Cling catalogs? Ahhh, forgot to mention that part... Well up to a few days ago I had 3 stamps that fit that bill. Now, because of a lucky 2nd place win, I have 8 stamps that qualify! Whoo HOO! Now we are cooking with gas!

Did I forget to mention that 4 of those 8 are Halloween stamps???? Boy am I forgetful these days...hehe

Doesn't matter a bit! I can do this, I can do anything! I have talent, insight, tenacity! I am gonna knock their stamp making socks off!

Oh and if I don't....well I just won't get picked like the last 2 times I tried but I will have some damn interesting cards to show off!!! OH YEAH!!

till next time... ENJOY! The Oz


  1. THAT is the ATTITUDE we are talking about!! Can you imagine Tyra Banks ( the former model and now TV host from America's Top Model) saying this to you: "You are in the running toward Hero Arts top stamp blog a day winner.." hug, hug!!

  2. Well, there you go, you crazy, wacky talented bird! You are off to a fabulous start! Best of luck, m'dear!

  3. You are already a winner in my books!!!!!!!!! Good luck

  4. I agree with Paula.... your cards just get better and better. I haven't got many stamps either and always forget to tag my card that I use them with.... must do so. Good luck Oz.

  5. I didn`t know you have a blog!! So cool I found you! Love your creations, good luck for the Win-A-Day challenge! Virginia`s comment cracks me up :)


  6. How did I not know you had a blog? And such a delightful one at that! Good Luck with the Blogday, I'd pick you.

  7. Keep on submitting, my friend, your cards are such inspirations! You just may get what you dream of!! You're on MY list! LOVE THIS CARD!

  8. You are already a winner in my books mom!!!! LOVE this darling cute and unique!!!


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