Friday, November 6, 2009

Ben Franklin Card Club

Paula (my sister) and I have been attending the lss card club for a couple of months now. It is the basic store club, they show you new product, discuss up-coming events, and demo a technique. Most clubs run the same, some better some worse. All of the clubs have one thing I am interested in, the people. I want to meet and get to know other crafters. This group seems to have some really fun gals that I am looking forward to getting to know better.

Last month I was a little late in arriving and tried to sneak in quietly while destroying and entire display rack at the same time. Don't try this at home unless you have really good insurance. Of course, I stopped the class and got every ones attention so I introduced myself! What the heck might as well make lemonade right! But the icing on the cake was when Paula arrived right after I had cleaned up my mess and just got the meeting calmed down and everyone looking at Laura (the instructor) again. Paula trips over the chair leg and falls on me. I am thinking this is a joke and how the hell did she find out that I had knocked down the display,what is she psychic or something? so while she is in distress I am introducing her to the crowd and saying things like ... "ho ho really funny sis, I get it!" "Ok so now you have met the dork" I am yucking it up big time and here is my poor sister trying to get her twisted ankle righted up and in real distress. OMG! I really did say some funny stuff cause the whole group is cracking up and my sister is begging me to understand she is really in need of help!

Needless to say, when we went to card club this last Monday, everyone already knew our names and were so glad to see us! I guess my evil plan worked 'cause everyone wanted to sit next to the funny kids. But not to worry, I didn't totally turn off the instructor..... yet!

Paula and I invited a couple of our friends to go with us and everyone is suppose to bring six cards for the exchange. I made up these cards for them so they could play along and take home cards too. Thank you Sharon and Shirley, I know being seen in public with us is not easy!

Till next time, ENJOY! The Oz


  1. Way to start your blog in perfect "Linda" style! PURE HILARITY! Sorry for any injuries to person or property, but since I now feel like I was THERE!!! {What a great share!} I must say, that this is a perfect introduction to your fabulous style! hee heee Wonderful cards, to kick things off, and FANTASTIC header! Everything looks swell, sweet Linda! You are off to a graceful and fun start!!! {And I mean that literally and figuratively!} WAHOO!

  2. AHHHH OZ!! You sneaky little thing! You started a blog!! Yay for you!! Wonderful card for your friend! In to my favorites goes your happy little blog!!

  3. Yay Linda I have been hoping you would start a blog so I'm doin' the Happy Dance all the way from "Down Under". I'm definately adding your blog to my list of must reads (no pressure ok). WOO HOO to you :D Hugs & take care xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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