Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I found the work of illustrator Travis Louis and just had to share. Some amazing work here.

till next time, Enjoy the Oz

Sunday, April 25, 2010

divas and zombies and paperdolls ... OH MY!

Once again the High Priestess Barbella (I bet that brings out a comment!)at Haunted Design House has tossed down her gauntlet like black lace glove. Those of us who could bend over (toss it on a table next time... please), rose to the challenge of creating a:

Walking Dead Divas

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween page, project or card using images/sentiments of o-so-girly zombies!! Blingy, pink, flowery (or not)... let's see those ladies of the day & night...
uh... I meant that in a totally non-hooker type of way ;)

So let me introduce you to my Zombie Zelda paper drool, I mean paper doll. She comes with 2 extra outfits and tons of accessorized body parts.

till next time, ENJOY the Oz

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


that is how my life is going right now, completely out of focus.

I am like this great big momma hen trying to get all my chicks back under my wings and just about the time I think I have them all tucked and filed away neatly I find that 2 or 3 have escaped and another is ready to pop out! Arrrgghhhh!! I am so not a chaos person. I like my schedules. I like my boring little life to be practically the same week after week! I like knowing what I am going to be doing in two weeks so that I can plan a little about how it will happen.

Please dear goddess all of things right and whole, put my life back on it little rusty track and let me ramble on.

My life now includes emphysema. What this appears at the moment to mean, is that I will never again not be short of breath. Ok, I can deal with that right. I now have a good excuse for not training for a 20k marathon. simple... right. No, apparently it means more than that. I don't have all the facts yet, but I will. I hope.

What I really need now is to know that this is it. This is wear it stops. This needs to be what I have and no more, "well we thought it was.........but now we think it is...." What has happened to me is I have gone from allergies, to worse than usual allergies... ummm.. to bronchial inflammation to congestive heart failure to ... (please be the last) emphysema. This has been in the last 6 weeks.

If anyone out there in blogland has the magical ability to make this dervish I currently am calling my life stop spinning... I beg of you.. please. Pretty please.

I know deep down in the dusty logical parts of my brain that I am still extremely lucky and should just be thankful I wake up above ground. Look at me for heavens sake.. I have and am typing on a computer and having it go out over the entire planet! I do know this ... somewhere, deep down there..... I just need a a tiny bit of focus to bring it back to the forefront.

Ramble, ramble... vent. Ok... done.

On with the show!

till next time, the Oz

photo credit: Églantine on flickr

Monday, April 12, 2010

Journey box

Last weeks challenge at Haunted Design House was titled "Freakin Free For All!". Now doesn't that sound fun? And I am sure it would have been had I played along. But nooooo !!! I choose to lay around the house, gasp for air and whine about being tired. I tell ya it is all about the choices we make.
This week the challenge is Grim gift boxes that had a least one flower. Although this is not to terribly dark or grim, IT IS FINISHED!!!!
I am very please with this flower. This is made from 3 different dollar store flowers that I have torn apart. The flowers started out as red, pink and bright white. I used walnut ink antiquing spray, Color box chalk ink and Perfect pearls in water to accomplish this. Each layer is stamped, sprayed, inked, mussed and fussed to perfection.

I am now going to head off to lay down again, sorry but I am just so darn weak these days.

till next time, the Oz

Saturday, April 3, 2010

funny bunny

What do you call a desk full of bunny cards? According to Barb at Stamp It Crazy, that would be "challenge".

I have made these fun bunny shaped cards several times over that last few years and enjoyed them every time. They just come to life while you are working on them. Before you know it, you have cards hopping all over the place! .... but then there is those little unexplained raisins.....

Enjoy! till next time, the Oz

Somber Shakespeare

Do you realize how often we use a Shakespearean quote without realizing it? Neither do I, but it is often!
This week on Haunted Design House, Barb challenged us to use a quote from the Bard in a dark and mysterious way. I believe abuse of power is the darkest of the dark arts.
The background was achieved by spritzing water on Ranger's Distress ink. The trick is that the cs has a glossy surface.

till next time, Enjoy! the Oz