Sunday, January 31, 2010

just me

I kinda threatened to break out a picture of me in my wedding dress but couldn't find one. But in the process of looking, ran into a couple of others that I am convinced you don't wanna see...LOL

It all started here..I am the little one on the right.

I think that is a bit of ink on my fingers....yep I believe so.

At six months I was already starting to ham it up a bit.

At 5 years old... gosh I am so darn cute....

Can you believe I am only 12 in this one.. My older sister did my makeup and the guy taking the photos flirted with me and ask me how I liked high school. I am sure he was just doing his job but I was walking on air when I left the studio.

First day of high school. I remember that dress so well. The same day that I bought it, one of the stars on Laugh-In was wearing the same dress. I was so thrilled. I think it was Ruth Buzzy. Many years out of high school but still got the legs. My friend Dee is now gone, boy was she a cut-up in her day!

This is pretty close to present... but none of that color left on this head..

And this my blogland friends, is my Robert.

I love you Mr. Hanks and I miss you every day.

Thanks for letting me share a little of myself. Sometimes ya just need to let your grey hair down...

till next time, ENJOY, the Oz

dark bride

a friend just told me that I fall on "the lighter side of dark". After thinking it over, I think that could be just about the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about me.

This weeks challenge on Haunted Design House was titled "Bridal Couture from the Darkside". I am the sponsor again this week, so my entry doesn't qualify but I wanted to play along anyway. I mean really... where's the fun in sitting it out... geeze louiseeee

I wanted it to look like the back of a wedding dress. Low back with pearl buttons and a bustle just where a good tramp stamp would sit...

After running the paper through a Cuttlebug embossing folder (sidebar.. can't wait to get see t!m's new embossing folders from Sizzix... love that man's products!) I spritzed it with water and perfect pearls. I spritzed the white layer also. This really gives it a beautiful shimmer.

I made the bustle with several different ribbons and a black satin ribbon rose for the very center. Applied some of my old hair bow techniques to layer the bows. I still have some hair bows if anyone is interest in purchasing one... or 20!

Although it is not my all time favorite card I have ever or "ever to" make, I think it turned out pretty good. And definitely on the lighter side of dark...LOL

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Big BIG news

One year ago I discovered the Hero Arts Flickr group. It seemed to be a delightfully fun group of extremely talented women who wanted to share their work, ideas and love of the process with each other. I was thrilled to discover that my first impression was correct. A year later and it has practically tripled in size and yet still has the same goals and beliefs that were and are being practiced on a daily basis. I consider myself very lucky to be an active part of this group.

Several months ago the Hero Arts company saw the need for a hostess program to aid in the daily functions of their ever rapidly growing flickr group. They named several very deserving members to be their first group of Hero Hostess'. These members pioneered the program and helped set some of the guidelines and obligations for the current hostess'.

This week Hero Arts is announcing the names of their current Hostess and today it is my name on their blog. My name will be added to the list of 20 other crafters, all of which I admire greatly. I am touched deeply by this honor. Terribly proud to know my name will forever be part of that list.

We all know that soon I will be cracking jokes about this, because that is what I do. But for today, I am a teary eyed and a bit speechless.
Thank you to Hero Arts. I wear my apron proudly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ok ladies ...

I know that all of you are sitting around saying to yourself "ummh? What should I buy for my friend Linda this week?"

Ok, ok... stop laughing now, you could soil yourself laughing that hard.

But just in case you haven't heard and did want to know what to get for your darling friend...

OMG... can you believe this. 12 more delicious colors of that most marvelous ink product. I am in heaven!!! I can not wait to get my hands on these...

Oh and ladies, since you are all whipping out your credit cards as we speak... make sure that t!m himself delivers them...ok... pretty please...

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Monday, January 25, 2010

so much missed...

As some of you have already learned, my computer became very ill and spent some time in the intensive care unit at the Puter hospital. I almost lost it. My puter I mean. Although, I did come very very close to losing my mind completely while it was away.
My computer is more than just a fancy solitaire game. It is my TV, radio, personal shopper, birthday reminder, phone book, recipe book, mail box, ego stroker, photo album, telephone, bulletin board, bill payer, tax accountant, and so much moreeee!!!
I was lost in a very sad, grey existence. I had to resort to washing dishes and scrubbing floors to keep myself busy! Ladies this must never happen again, EVER!

I did manage to make some cards up and I am sure I will post those too, but first I wanted to post some challenges that I missed out on.
Why you ask? I am not sure, I just want to.
Stamp It Crazy has a brand new blog and her first challenge was to make a Pepsi card. This was my inspiration.

And this is the card I created from it. I wiped the blue card base with white ink on a makeup sponge. With every wipe the sponge turned more blue. I guess that paper is not exactly "set". I was really surprised how easily the color came off. I liked the end results but it sure did make me wonder about the paper.
Haunted Design House had "Fallen Angels" as the theme last week. Inspired by my cat Baby Girl, who can go from angelic to demonic in 2 seconds flat, I created this card.

Lucy's super sweet blog had a monochromatic challenge. This was to be my entry.

Everyone has current challenges going and I so encourage you to check them out and play along. I for one will be jumping right back in and posting away.... as soon as I catch up on my 206 emails....

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ding Dong.... Round 3 ends with a big KO

I have truly ENJOYED this little challenge between Hannah and myself. It is hard to make up as many "things" as possible with supplies from someone else. If I had to put the package together... well I would like to think I would have been able to put ... well maybe not. I guess it is hard no matter what end you are on.
I was getting a little discouraged towards the end. I had originally planned to make a candy box and maybe a bag and tag but I didn't plan ahead enough.

What I did plan on was having fun and that I had tons of! All together I made 13 cards. Wow, really? 13? That is pretty impressive if I say so myself...and I do!!!
I do have some advise for those of you thinking of doing something similar. DON'T! No just kidding. My advise is do a "plus 2" card bases don't count. Hannah and I did a "plus 1" and it is very hard. As soon as you stamp something you have used up your one. whew, tough. But FUN!

Thank you Hannah. Can't wait till we spar again!!

till then, ENJOY! the Oz

eerie elegance

As my BFF's (best faithful followers) you know that I have been having a lot of fun playing over at Barb Fosters' blog called Haunted Design House. Her weekly challenges are fun and a bit quirky. That fits me to a "T".. I have the honor of sponsoring this week's prize. Now doesn't that sound like I have passed into the big time? I am so fancy smancy and all. What it really means is that I found some really good deals after Halloween this year and I love sharing!

So my dear BFFs get out your stash out and make a card to entry this week. All the details are here and this is an challenge that everyone can sink their teeth into. Show me some love ladies.

Although I can't win, it would save me postage but it just wouldn't be right, I have made up an entry. Ya know 'cause I just love to play along.

I was trying to make a duplicate of the card I made for Lucy's wedding only in black. But there was no way to photograph it. I am just not that good with my camera... at all! So I played with some gray on gray and this is what grew. Never meant to go all Valentine-y but these cards have a mind of their own. I just sit and watch it happen.... all zombie like... slacked jawed and drooling.
Now doesn't that draw a glamours picture of me!

Check out the details and play along. See ya on the dark side...

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Sunday, January 10, 2010

trouble, trouble... boil and bubble ...??

That's not quite how it goes but you know what I mean. This weeks challenge at Haunted Design House is Violet, blue and copper with ribbon, flourish and image of your choice.

My image of choice was one of my favorite flourishes from a Fancy Pants set. After stamping the flourish on patterned paper, I heat embossed with clear powder. This allowed me to darken the paper with black and purple ink while not losing the original colors under the embossed flourish.

My touch of copper came with the orange-y colored gems. Wait I meant to say COPPER colored gems!! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Barb has made some marvelous tweaks and additions to her challenges. One change is the addition of prizes. Who doesn't love to win goodies! If you haven't checked out her blog yet...why not? Get in on the fun and play along. It only hurts for a sec...hehe

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ding Ding... Round 2 Oz vs Hannah

This will be possibly my longest post to date as I managed to make several cards for the challenge. I may not be able to sit for a week, but I mostly stand at my job anyway.

As a reminder, this challenge is to make as many "things" as possible out of one prize pack that Hannah and I received. We can add a plus 1 per "thing" and card bases do not count.

My "plus 1" for the round scalloped card is the bow. I played a little with my sisters Copics on this one. I need to spend a lot more time on the "learning curve" ride with copics.

The heart with wings was fun. The white wings are the backing paper from the copper sticker sheet. The copper stickers are embossed and so is the shiny backing paper. I figured why not... it is everything in the package ... right? But the paper is shiny, it will not hold ink, chalk, not even alcohol inks were playing nice. Then I got the bright idea to turn in over. Hey debossed is a good look too! And the back held the ink like a champ! But then I remembered what the shiny side was for.... NON STICK backing for stickers. Guess how had it is to glue.....

The "plus 1" for both the heart with wings and the big butterfly cards is the ribbon.

The little 3x3 note card has a pretty little copper butterfly sitting atop the bow. Of course it doesn't show up well in the pic, but it is very sweet. I punched it out after sticking some of the bigger letters on card stock. I didn't want to damage my punch.

The Super and stars are more of the shiny backing paper from the stickers. You can see the embossing now. I punched the stars from where the swirls were on the sticker sheet. Made cool looking stars... don't ya think?

A little paper piecing for her dress... ab fab darlin...

This little scrapling has a hank of ribbon added for it's Plus 1. I just felt that roan colored gingham was a perfect match.

As for my last entry to the challenge... for today.... I have a little vintage. The Plus 1 for this card is the stamping on the circle piece. The circle piece is an old spool top from something Deborah purchased. She wrapped the ribbon she sent us on it. I stamped and distressed it with chalk ink. Pretty cool uh? Yeppers...I think so anyway.

Ok my butt and I have a little time away from the Shrinky Dink room. I promised it. Pretty sad when you have to promise body parts to get things done...!! But that is my life. Or should I say... BUTT that is my life...wink wink!

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Drop the tude dude!

I am working away at this fun challenge I have going on between me and my friend Hannah when I notice that I am not being as careful with my punches and starting to throw away bigger pieces. What is up with that?

Well I can tell you what is up with that in two words.... BUTT HURTS!
I broke my "sit and spin" chair. I am trying to work while sitting on a folding metal chair. It is not the same. My butt knows what it likes and it does not like this chair!

As I am trying to make something out of this prize package, my butt is talking to me.... loudly. Now the hips are chiming in and the small of my back has it's 2 cents!
Jeeze louise....somebody is cranky!

And to top that all off, I don't believe the pile is getting any smaller!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ding Ding... round 1 Oz vs Hannah

My friend Hannah entered my name in a contest as someone who inspired her. Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever? Then when her name was picked as the winner, we both received identical prize packages. We decided to have a little bit more fun by challenging each other to see who can make the most of their prize.

Now we slip the gloves on....

The challenge is to see who can create the most from the contents of the prize. Each creation can have a "Plus 1" and card bases don't count. The rules are pretty simple and the fun is the main objective.

Han is way out front in cuteness though, her first entry in the contest is just to die for. You must check it out on her blog

These are my first two entries. I had better get on the ball. I will need lots of fast footwork and a helluva right cross to win this match!

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz