Thursday, December 2, 2010

just a hundred or so....

There I am, teeny tiny hair and all, making up Christmas cards and talking up a storm.
I spent an entire week at my daughters house over Thanksgiving weekend and enjoyed every moment. Will never forget this time together.

My daughter designed these Christmas cards last year. Her inspiration came from Tim Holtz's 12 days of Christmas tags. We have been planning this out for basically the whole year. We forgot to plan in that I would be unable to lift my arms up and that she would have her gall bladder removed the Tuesday before...great planning.
Ahhh, it all worked out in the end and we really had a marvelous time. Nothing better than wearing jammies and making girly jokes while creating. Life is marvelous!!

as always, ENJOY! Linda aka Oz

Wow is it dusty in here.....

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it has been so long since I posted anything on here. I know I have been a little busy and a few things in my life have been distracting to say the least.. but shame on me for not keeping this little bit of fun up and going.
Whata ya say we give it the old college try and pump some life back into it.

Enjoy, the Oz