Saturday, November 7, 2009

Garishly Gleaming Glitter

The name of her challenges alone sucked me in! I am speaking of the very talented Barb of Haunted Design House. She has a weekly challenge that I happily found just before Halloween. Being as I love Halloween and all things Halloweenie, it was a perfect match. You really should check out her blogs (yes that is plural!), as she is such a positive fun person that oozes through in her posts.

This is my entry into the current challenge. I named it "JUGGLING LIFE". I tried to capture the copious amounts of glitter but I am not the greatest photographer..yet.
I am also not the greatest blogger and so I am still figuring out how to put pics where I want them...sigh. Soon my darlings..soon

This clown has been in my family for years and has always brought me the best of luck. I have met quite a few marvelous people from conversations started over this stamp. I used tons of stickles to bling this baby out. I also tried to make it look like he was juggling in a spotlight. I think I accomplished that, looks like it from my end anyway.

Till next time, ENJOY! Oz


  1. LOL! Thanks for the shout-out, Oz, and I'm excited about your new blog ;) You captured the glitteriness perfectly... once again, a fantastic card! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Mondays!

  2. Love it girl! Really cleaver!!! Thanks for the comment on my Monsters!!

  3. omg--this is the best! I love that he's juggling skulls and clowns have an inherent creepiness...will you please stop being so darn good at this??? :)

  4. This is great fun!!! Oh i do hate clowns... they are the scariest things ever!!!!
    Hope you enjoy blogging.... as you are another halloweenie and called linda... i'll just have to follow your journey.... hope to see you every week at Barbs brilliant challenge blog.
    hugs lynx

  5. Well, Clown issues or NOT, this card, and that clown ROCK! Wahoo, wonderful Linda!


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