Monday, November 23, 2009

Back to Normal

... whatever that means? Normally crazy around here anyway. But I do feel like I can breathe a little easier this week. ... so far.

The orders are filled... YAHOO! I now have time to do things that I want to do again. I have a really problem being creative if I have to do repetitive things. I could never do a job that required me to do the same task over and over. My quality control issues suck! I have to change it up on a regular basis or I am in fog land.

I was hoping that by doing some of these challenges online that I could temper that a little. Naaahhh, just made it worse. I know now that I can just make and go any direction I want and then search for a challenge that it will fit...LOL I dont' do that but I know that I could, very easily.

I am finding that my favorite challenges are very loosely based. I do best with just a suggestion or two. Like a color, theme or object. Give me a tiny clue and let me run with it. That seems to be where I thrive. The sketches are more limiting but I still am ok if that is all it is, a sketch. When they throw in a sketch, 2 bows, a button and this stamp.. forget it sister! I am outta here!

I also find that when I get to "clogged up" in the creative side, I do the "oh that's good enough" thing. I am not happy or satisfied with the work but put it out there anyway 'cause it is close enough. Bad Bad Oz. It you are thinking of going this route... don't! This is a very bad habit and one that is harder to quit than smoking... I know I have quit smoking!

But being so much older and wiser now.... cough, cough, ahemmm I am able to recognize and embrace my faults.. or perfections as I like to nickname them. I know how best to get my juices flowing again in the right direction. For me this is as simple as completely cleaning up my work space and then thumbing through my papers. Beautiful patterned, textured paper gets my mojo in high gear. Mixing up patterns and colors. Petting them, talking to them, just loving the fact they are in my collection. Remembering when and where I purchased them... although this part is getting harder to do...ummm? I love this process. Spending time doing just this will get my mind racing with ideas. So many in fact that sometimes I get nothing accomplished ..EXCEPT the fact that I get all creative juices flowing again. Unclogging those channels is the most important thing I can do for myself these days.

I am important. Doing something that I love and gives me pleasure is important too. Paper crafting is something that gives me enormous amounts of pleasure. Evidently rambling on a blog diary does too! wink wink.

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz


  1. I'm holding you, and rocking you.. A little humming. You're okay. You're ALLLL RIGHT!

    Now run along... MAKE SOMETHING!!!

    I adore you, Linda!

  2. I've been wondering where you were???? I LOVE to read your ramblings....I am so not a rambler :) xoxoT

  3. Welcome back, Oz! Missed you and was going to send you a flickr mail to see what had happened. Life... that's what happened! Happy creating!

  4. LOL - Oz it is good to see things back to normal in your life..... I so enjoy reading your posts... makes me realise that life shouldn't be too serious and we all need friends like you - who just ARE who they are.... Looking forward to some wonderful projects...

  5. Yes, I've missed you, too! Don't do that again!! It is awful when the creativity dries up, isn't it? Glad you found a way around it. I can't say that I have, so far, I just wait it out, and it usually comes back. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

  6. Count me #6 (wondering how you are)! I can totally relate to you about the challenges we took up and the "good enough" attitude...(boy , I did that so often and it shows!). Being creative is the most important thing to me,too! I love it is when creativity finds ME, not when I have to look for IT :)Go get creative (LOL)!


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