Thursday, December 31, 2009


"The soft glow of the moon caused her to cast misty shadows on the grave sites of lost loved ones as she walked through the grave yard. She had no purpose for being there, yet somehow compelled to continue on."

Happy New Year to Barb and all my challenge buddies at Haunted Design House. So looking forward to a new year of fun, frolic and fantastic entries!

till the next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wintery Wraiths

Generally I think my cards look better on the computer screen than in real life but this one is the exception. This is my entry for Haunted Design House challenge #18 .
Barb wanted us to come up Wintry Wraiths this time. A wraith is something that is shadowy or insubstantial, ghost like.
I wrapped the grey card stock in this green shimmery tulle that gave it a very interesting texture and airy feel. I then stamped "her" face on the vellum strip with grey chalk ink. Very soft but so visible at the same time. The Believe was stamped in Versamark and embossed with a translucent satin pearl embossing powder. After tearing the vellum strip, I adhered it to the card with glue dots, then hide the glue dots by adding pearls on the top.
This card is so eerily beautiful in real life. The slightest movement makes "her" face appear and disappear. The tulle glimmers, sparkles and changes color constantly. The sentiment, being in a pearl finish, goes from matching the green of the tulle to a brilliant cream and back to all most clear with just the slightest movement. Very interesting effects.
I am so pleased with the card just not my photographic achievements...oh well next time!
To Barb, thank you for giving us another week. To Lynx, did you tell me to get my finger out of my...?? ROFL!

Apologies, analogies and Applets... oh my!

Apologies first: Thank you to everyone for sending me so many beautiful Christmas cards this year. The love was oozing out of my mail box and coating everything thing in my life in sparkle and light. And that was a good thing!!!! I had so much fun the last few weeks just trying not to curl up into the fetal position and lay on the floor of my closet with the door closed until it was all over. Every card I received helped me stay upright.
And yet.... I did not mail mine.
I have this box (on the right of the photo) ready to mail, each envelope filled with a handmade card, no two exactly alike, everyone with a hand written note.. and there they sit.
I know this was part of my stress. I can't exactly explain it. Money was part of the issue, time was another. I have thought hard the last 24 hours as to how I am going to handle this and I have decided that I am first going to say I am sorry and then I am going to mail them as is.
I know that you will all be receiving them way after Christmas... hell some will be after the first of the year but that is how I am going to do this.
So, I am so sorry. Please know that your kindness to me was so important in my life at this time and so well received that I can only hope to repay you at sometime in our relationship.

Analogies: I think the first woman who every had water running up to her home started the idea of Heaven. I am sure that some of you have never had to live anytime at all without this convenience and count yourself lucky now. When we take things as precious as clean running water for granted for as long as I have, it is no wonder that life seems to stop dead when it is ripped from our grasp. Do you know that toilets don't flush well without water? Did you know that dishes requires up to three trips to the outside faucet (where luckily water still existed) in 20 degree weather!! Did you know that washing your hands in freezing cold water does not fell good!!!!! Did you know that I can be such a WHINER!!! well yeah I bet you did know that already...hehe
Well good news is that I know have a dry floor, hot and cold running water and a much better attitude towards life once more.

Applets and Cottlets: I love certain foods. I am not a huge fan of sweets but some sweets are perfection. Once a year I treat myself to Applets and Cottlets. Not the chocolate covered kind, although those are marvelous too, but the original confection. Ladies, this is decadence in a tissue lined box. I only bring this up because I needed another A word for my title but you should truly try them if you haven't yet. ahhhh love that taste.

till next time, the Oz

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the great storm of '09

I waved goodbye to my dreams of making all 12 for Mr. t!m this year. Well not really waved, more like mopped out!

When I arrived home, arrived safely I might add since it was ice ice baby all the way home, I was greeted at the door with a strange hissing sound followed by a heart sinking "SLOSH" as I stepped in.

Yes ladies, the dreaded "PIPE BROKE" sounds of disaster! One little tiny split in one little tiny pipe in one little tiny space that flooded one little tiny trailer...
my little tiny trailer.

So as of right now my "to do" list that did look like three days of creative heaven now looks like this:

1. Go to hardware store and stay the heck out of paint chip isle. Pray that someone who actual knows how to fix a pipe and doesn't mind sharing, is working. Purchase parts for pipe, new insulation and plastic garbage bags ONLY. Don't get anything that has the "oh I could store my ...." with it.

2. Laundromat for 3 loads of every towel I own, cat bed, throw rugs, and those 2 sweatshirts that were in the back seat of the car.

3. Grocery store for paper plates (in case this doesn't work)!!!

So ladies, tomorrow afternoon I will be sitting crosslegged on the floor of my trailer with my little trusty toolbox by my side. I will be talking, out loud, the entire time. I am sure that at some point I will be bleeding from at least one knuckle. But, I will not give up! I will have running water, from my faucet, before I go to bed Monday night or my name is not Soggy Sally!

I know that is not my name, but let's not get to carried away. I may have to bat my eyelashes and get some guy to fix some part of it.... I am not crazy! LOL

till next time, ENJOY (the sound of your toilet flushing)! the Oz

Thursday, December 10, 2009

spooky sprites

Spooky because mischievous doesn't start with an "S".

I found a sprite stamp right off the bat.. but now what do I do with it? It is a delicious little stamp. Looks like something off of a 1930's candy wrapper. But again, what do I do with it?

Then the "Fickle Finger of Fate" happened by. I was making these Bag-n-tag sets for a video I am doing and there was that little stamp. Just laying there. Just wondering why the heck I had not used him yet. Just kinda sighing now and then, tapping his toe a little, clearing his throat....

OK ALREADY, I GET THE MESSAGE! Geeze these little guys can be soooo annoying!

So, One more Bag-n-tag won't hurt anybody right? So I am entering this into Barb's Challenge for Spooky Sprites. Lucy's challenge for Wings and Strings. And it counts towards my Tag-along with Linda score. This is #5!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Video time!

I can hold my head up high and declare that I made and uploaded a NEW video. But then I have to turn right around and hang my head in shame as I tell you that I have several filmed and not edited yet. I suck at editing. I like to hear myself talk. I like to talk even when no one, including me, is listening... I talk in the car all the way to town. No body is in the car with me but still I will talk...out loud. OK so now you know I am crazy. Like there was ever a doubt!

When teaching classes, I quickly learned that you have to say the same thing at least three times. You have to say this at three different times and in three different ways but you do have to repeat yourself... a lot. I fall right into this mode of communication so easily.

When making videos, you should only have to say something once because the student, or video watcher, can replay the video as many times as they like. This mode is not so easy for me to fall into.

After all that, basically what I am saying is "I suck at editing!"

But the good news is I have another video for you to watch! Link to Video
I so hope you like listening to me talk 'cause I am a talker. You know how everyone has to have a "Thing" that makes them stand out. My thing is gonna be long talky, gabby videos...hehe

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

and the crowd goes wild!!!!!

as I march up the center isle with my crown and scepter... nodding to the crowd, waving wrist, wrist, elbow, then elbow! The cheering, the thunderous applause.. so overwhelming and yet... so damn delicious! As I slowly ascend the steps to the stage, I reflect on the other people who helped make this all possible. Barb, for hosting the site. Lynx for showing me what "dark" is suppose to look like. Charlene, for nudging me on while still giggling side by side. The bugs, Glow and Lady, for their fabulous contributions... ah the list goes on. I am standing at the microphone now. Shaking slightly, so excitedly short of breath, trying to concentrate on the crowd while repeatedly reminding myself..."act humble, act humble"
I have practiced this a thousand times in the mirror. Always perfect coiffed, calm but with a slight blush and glow. Take a gasp and put a hand to your chest to show your sincerity. Now, just before the crowd completely sits down... opening my mouth to speak the words I have rehearsed... "I would like to thank the academy..."

uh what...oh damn .. wrong speech!!

Ok, so I am not 18 and writing country music and I don't' have anyone jumping in and saying I don't deserve it... well maybe a few but they are so much more polite about it. I am still so damn tickled I could piddle!!

I was picked as MASTER OF MACABRE for November 2009!!!
Thank you, thank you everyone for making this possible! Especially you Mr Random Generator. You wonderfully sexy number picking thingy you. I will save you a seat at the head table..maybe afterwards drinks...ummm??

on a more serious note.. I am pleased and having so darn much fun. I encourage everyone I know to check out Barb's challenge and play along a few times. It is fun to let your hair down and stretch your boundaries. Stepping outside the box is relaxing, tax deductable and calorie free! You never know, maybe you won't bumble your acceptance speech as much as I did!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Tim-ster had me at day 1

I am not sure how but I am going to move bridges, mountains and train stations if I have to make a project for all 12 days of t!m's tags. I just love his tags. He always puts fun in his tutorials also. If you haven't been there, you should treat your self. You can also see the tags from the last two years.

I know that a lot of people say he is just selling selling selling his stuff. I DON'T CARE! I love his stuff anyway. The products that carry his name deliver the goods. I have not been disappointed with any of the products that I have tried. I can manage to get the stuff I make look darn close to the stuff that they advertise with and I can assure you that is not the case with a lot of the products out there.

This card is inspired by Day 5's tag. I don't have any of the fragments so I used UTEE on the three elements. I have ideas sketched out for three of the days, whew this is gonna be tough. Cross your fingers for me.

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Tag #4

Good things can come in small packages. This sweet but small tag is really just a miniature card. It has a huge heart though, don't dismiss it just because of it's size. Oh no, for shame. This sweet little tag could make a small package become the largest gift under the tree. Just with the right contents and a kind and lovely note written inside... ahhh present bliss!

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tag-a-long with Linda

As promised, here are tags 2 and 3 of the 12. This paper is from Cosmo Cricket's Lil Man line but it just smacked of Christmas to me.

With all the Yee Hawing I can muster, let me introduce you to My lil Buck-a-roo! I used one of my all time favorite K&Company lines for this tag. It is called Kazoo Kids. I purchased this years ago but have used almost every inch of it. I just love the rich colors and the retro designs. Great collection.

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Witchy Women Unite

...Or at least get together for tea or something. After all we all have a little bit of witch in us. I believe I have a little more than most...hehe

I made up this card for the current challenge at Haunted Design House. This card came together so crazy backasswards. After stamping, embossing and coloring in the little witch, I cut several pieces of paper because I had it set in my head exactly how I was going to lay up this card. I had this large orange checked background with a rectangle of purple and green striped paper off to the side, then a piece of kraft with a scalloped edge and then the witch just high right center. Do you see any of that??? yeah, me neither...

The large orange check paper happened to be double sided ... I liked the other side better when I got it all ready to glue... thankfully before I put the glue on it. In fact it was when I flipped it over to apply the glue that I did the ... hey, ummm?

Well once I changed that, I couldn't put two stripes together.. well I could... but not when they are going the same direction!! So that piece got tossed. I am not sure where the kraft got lost but let's just say he didn't survive the shuffle.

Anyway, here is my entry this week. Exactly as I planned her out...sort of!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This is cool!

I had the honor today of being picked for 1st place of the Color It challenge on Caardvarks. This is so exciting for me. I am rocking out my little RV with happy dancing and whoop whoop whooping!
I had a lot of fun putting this card together. The stamps are from a older Christmas set from Close To My Heart. It is a really sweet set but I always had a little trouble with the scale. The set has 3 different sizes of elves. Makes it hard to mix and match them. What I think helped me pull this together was when I decided to outline the card with the same style as the lines of the stamps themselves. If you look at the stamps closely, they have this little added dots and dashes throughout. Once I started matching that style, the little tingle of magic happened.
Thank you Cardvaarks. I really love being mentioned with my friends and fellow Flickr mates Tracey, Virginia, Vanessa, Jane, Scrapflower, Nina, Lea and Vera. Massive talent in that last sentence... massive amounts!
Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tag your it!

It seems like tags are on every one's mind lately. From the Hero Arts challenge, t!m Holtz's 12 days of deliciousness, and my friend Elise coming down with Snowman-itis, everything is Tag, tag and TAG!

Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Not one little bit. In fact I am celebrating! I love making, using and swapping tags. They are such a fun useful item. Just practically perfect in every way.

Tags can be used in so many applications. Everything needs to be tagged. I have boxes filled with useful goodies but when the lid is on them... who knows what is inside. I tag that box and a miracle happens. I now know not only what is in the box but I also know what I haven't used in the last six months because it was shoved in that box in the back of my closet.

Why tags are so useful and important they will put one on your toe when you die. Now you can't get anymore important than that! Oh no-siree-bob!

So, in honor of all this tagliciousness, I am going to try and do my own "Tag-a-long with Linda" celebration right here in my own little space I have created. My intent is to post 12 tags between now and Eve-eve (Dec 23rd). I will be making each tag new and sharing with you, my most favorite blog-land buddies, how I managed to get it made.

Now, I am off to check out day 2 with the t!m-ster! And remember.. this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz