Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Break out the POPCORN !!

I did it! I made my first video!! Me, Paula and BG! I am so GIDDY!! It took me way to many hours to film, edit and upload but I DID IT!

I can not find a way to upload it here to the blog yet so I am just giving you a link to Youtube. It is there and working and at this point that is a miracle.

The video is in 2 parts, it seems that once I start talking I can't stop. Please take the time to leave a comment letting me know what you think. I would like to make more and I am sure they will get better, but I need your input to help improve.

Paula did a video too and I will give you the links to that as soon as I get them. We had a good time, very good time, you will hear us cracking up on her video.

This is how supportive BG was.

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Monday, November 23, 2009

Back to Normal

... whatever that means? Normally crazy around here anyway. But I do feel like I can breathe a little easier this week. ... so far.

The orders are filled... YAHOO! I now have time to do things that I want to do again. I have a really problem being creative if I have to do repetitive things. I could never do a job that required me to do the same task over and over. My quality control issues suck! I have to change it up on a regular basis or I am in fog land.

I was hoping that by doing some of these challenges online that I could temper that a little. Naaahhh, just made it worse. I know now that I can just make and go any direction I want and then search for a challenge that it will fit...LOL I dont' do that but I know that I could, very easily.

I am finding that my favorite challenges are very loosely based. I do best with just a suggestion or two. Like a color, theme or object. Give me a tiny clue and let me run with it. That seems to be where I thrive. The sketches are more limiting but I still am ok if that is all it is, a sketch. When they throw in a sketch, 2 bows, a button and this stamp.. forget it sister! I am outta here!

I also find that when I get to "clogged up" in the creative side, I do the "oh that's good enough" thing. I am not happy or satisfied with the work but put it out there anyway 'cause it is close enough. Bad Bad Oz. It you are thinking of going this route... don't! This is a very bad habit and one that is harder to quit than smoking... I know I have quit smoking!

But being so much older and wiser now.... cough, cough, ahemmm I am able to recognize and embrace my faults.. or perfections as I like to nickname them. I know how best to get my juices flowing again in the right direction. For me this is as simple as completely cleaning up my work space and then thumbing through my papers. Beautiful patterned, textured paper gets my mojo in high gear. Mixing up patterns and colors. Petting them, talking to them, just loving the fact they are in my collection. Remembering when and where I purchased them... although this part is getting harder to do...ummm? I love this process. Spending time doing just this will get my mind racing with ideas. So many in fact that sometimes I get nothing accomplished ..EXCEPT the fact that I get all creative juices flowing again. Unclogging those channels is the most important thing I can do for myself these days.

I am important. Doing something that I love and gives me pleasure is important too. Paper crafting is something that gives me enormous amounts of pleasure. Evidently rambling on a blog diary does too! wink wink.

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ghastly Gravesites

It is 2o minutes until the clock strikes 12... am I in bed safe and I out on the moors, lantern in hand, shivering with cold and fear... nahhhh I am desperately trying to get at least one challenge up this week.

I have been so busy this week I have basically been working backwards getting nothing done! The hurried I go, the behinder I get!! wheww... spell check is gonna hate me tonight!

This is my entry for Barb's marvelously fun weekly challenge on HDH. Although, I owe my blog a weeks worth of catch-up, I am going to run and post this challenge before the clock hits the big 12!
edited to add: Oh dagnabit! The cutoff time was 5pm not midnight. Oh well I managed to go a entire week with out entering any challenges...poo! Look out for me next week, as I got some catching up to do! Oz
Till next time.. ENJOY! the Oz

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bizarre Beauty School Dropout

You know not all makeovers are worth the money. This gal got gyped! Of course you know her only questions was "Does this card make my butt look big?"
Over at one of my fav HAUNTS, we are all trying to come up with some Beauty School Dropouts without posting pics of ourselves! That would just be wayyy to easy... oh I shouldn't really speak for the others ... should I? Bawhahahhahahhaha

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

An Award with a string attached!

A string of questions that is. Sue (Stampin Sue) blessed me with an award for my little blog. This award comes with 35 questions that you have to answer with ONE word only. This is not an award this is a torture device!! Only ONE word per question. I read the question and have a paragraph or two ready to type out. How could she do this to me....

I know, quit your whining and post the list..hehe

1. Where is your cell phone? Dash
2. Your hair? Grey
3. Your mother? Pistol
4. Your father? Missed
5. Your favorite food? Cooked
6. Your dream last night? Scary
7. Your favorite drink? Cola
8. Your dream/goal? Happiness
9. What room are you in? studio
10. Your hobby? Creating
11. Your fear? Loneliness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive
13. Where were you last night? Asleep
14. Something that you aren't? male
15. Muffins? Apple
16. Wish list items? Numerous
17. Where did you grow up? Oregon
18. Last thing you did? Type
19. What are you wearing? Nothing
20. Your TV? Dusty
21. Your pets? Spoiled
22. Friends? Great
23. Your life? Good
24. Your mood? Pleasant
25. Missing Someone? daily
26. Vehicle? Broom
27. Something you're not wearing? Watch
28. Your favorite store? craft
29. Your favorite color? Rainbow
30. When was the last time you laughed? Everyday
31. Last time you cried? Everyday
32. Your best friend? Sister
33. One place that I go to over and over? Bathroom
34. Facebook? Nope
35. Favorite place to eat? couch

If you made it through all 35, leave a comment with this word in it (clown) and I will pick one lucky winner and send them some goodies! If you didn't make it all the way through...enjoy your nap...hehe! Thank you Sue, was fun.

Till next time, The Oz

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Color Throwdown #68

With all the fabulous inspiration and color combos that the ever so talented ladies at CTD "throw" our direction, I can't believe I didn't play along sooner. But then look how long it took me to start a blog.... hehe

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Starting at the top....

When I posted this card on my Flickr group, I received a lot of requests for a video. Now wouldn't that be cool! Yeah I would love to do a video, more than one even. But.... I don't have a camera that will do video except for my cell phone and it was pretty lame. Yes I tried it.

So, in a effort to make myself expand and learn while I am saving up for a video camera, I have put together a tutorial. This is my first ever online tutorial, but since it is also my first ever blog...I say what the heck.. go for it!

I started out with a plan white card base, this happens to be A2 but size is not important. A piece of thin copy or printer paper (tear a strip off) and black ink. Ranger's Distress ink will work also but remember it is formulated to stay wet longer so it is even messier than pigment or dye ink.

Don't forget the application tool. For this I use a piece of makeup sponge. You can use a dried out wipe-up, piece of cloth, felt or purchased foam applicator. All of these will work but I like the make-up wedges just fine.

With something protecting your work surface (I use the rest of the copy paper) lay your torn strip across the top of your card base. I dab the sponge onto the ink pad and blot off a bit (look at the rectangle at the top right corner of this pic) just to keep from getting to strong of a line on my card face. Then with a wiping across action, I just basically swipe the sponge across the copy paper and onto the card face.

This pic shows the torn edge of the copy paper moved down a bit after I have finished my first row on the card face. Move the torn edge side to side and tilt a little as you work down the card. This will give you more visual interest.

Here you can see where I have worked my way down about a quarter of the way on the card base. I am only using one color of ink but I have achieved all these light and dark shades. I am doing nothing special. Each time I move the torn paper I dab in the ink, blot off a bit and then starting at one side, swipe across the torn paper onto the card base. That's it.

This is the entire card face completed with this method. Can you see the highs and lows, where it almost looks quilted? It is completely flat but it really does look like puffed up clouds. You do not have to use black, any ink color will do.

My next step is to mist with Perfect Pearls or Perfect Sparkles in water. This mister was purchased at Walmart for 50 cents. I then added water and some bronze Perfect Pearls. It has never clogged and has lasted me for ages. I use it a lot too. If left alone I would more than likely mist everything within reach as it leaves such a lovely soft glimmer on the surface... hey wait, I live alone, I can glimmer anything I want! Where is that cat?

After letting the glimmery mist dry, you can then stamp, glue, write upon or even spill pop (soda) on it if you want. Since you never tear your paper the same way twice, your backgrounds will be so different each time. The fact that they are different but never disappointing is what makes me a huge fan of this technique.

I swear these cards were never wrinkled, folded, creased or cussed at in any way! Cross my heart! What ever dimension you see is purely trick of the eye!

I so hope you have not only enjoyed this tutorial but that I made it understandable. Please take a moment and let me know. I can only improve with knowledge and practice...

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Monday, November 9, 2009

With just a litle help from a friend... we can do everything!

I made this card for the "Win a day on the Blog" at Hero Arts. 3 or 4 times a year (didn't do my research here) the fine folks at Hero Arts pick 4 or 5 (again with the lack of research) extremely talented folks to feature on their blog. They pick these folks from their Flickr group. All you have to do is submit your work by tagging it correctly. The current tag is "blogday2009". Easy peasy! The current deadline is Nov 30th, so I still have lots of time. Nothing to it...we are talking breeze through...

Did I happen to mention that you may only use stamps that are in the current Holiday and Cling catalogs? Ahhh, forgot to mention that part... Well up to a few days ago I had 3 stamps that fit that bill. Now, because of a lucky 2nd place win, I have 8 stamps that qualify! Whoo HOO! Now we are cooking with gas!

Did I forget to mention that 4 of those 8 are Halloween stamps???? Boy am I forgetful these days...hehe

Doesn't matter a bit! I can do this, I can do anything! I have talent, insight, tenacity! I am gonna knock their stamp making socks off!

Oh and if I don't....well I just won't get picked like the last 2 times I tried but I will have some damn interesting cards to show off!!! OH YEAH!!

till next time... ENJOY! The Oz

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Support your local "GIRLFRIEND"

My blog-land (but oh so much more) friend Elise has the honor of being the guest designer on The Color Throwdown for the month of November. I, wanting to do whatever I can to support her, am submitting this project for CTD challenge.

I have a friend who is under the weather, like almost everyone I know, so I made up this "Chicken Soup Makes Ya Better" gift pack. Please note there is no chicken soup anywhere close to this package, but it does have these delightful chickens that I think fit the color challenge perfectly. The colors in SU language are Dusty Durango, Always Artichoke, Soft Sky and Kraft. Perfectly yummy combo.

I covered a General Foods International coffee tin and then filled it with cold remedies. I started with some Bazzill textured cardstock. Still #1 IMHO! After treating the top with a Fiskars edge punch, I adhered it to the tin with Terrifically Tacky (TT) tape. Then I layered on some Little Yellow Bicycle pp which I "Durango-ed" up with distress ink. Here comes the chickens and some Offray ribbon. I used an Nestie to cut the ovals. One from kraft and one from them chickens. Little more distress ink and a few pop dots later, you have yourself one delightful container.

For the sour cream container, I starting with a 4x6" piece of double side pp. A light cs or double sided pp seems to be the best weight for this project. This happens to be the reverse side of the "Durango-ed" check I used on the tin.

Using the TT adhesive tape again, I made a tube. Then (and this is the trick to know part) keeping the seam about 3/4 of the way across one end, I closed up the tube. If you put the seam in the middle, when you do the other end it will be on a edge and this does not work nicely. I then filled it up and pinched the other end closed being sure to turn it halfway.

Then with a little crimping of the ends, I have one very sharp looking but unusual gift container. These are fun to give. Everyone always has to turn them over and over in their hands. A bowl of them on the table, each filled with oh... M&Ms lets say, makes for a great display and crowd pleaser. Listen to me sounding like a Martha Stewart wanna be...

Anyhoo, this is my entry. Hope you ENJOY! cause ya know I did! And to Elise... Way to go Girlfriend! YOU ROCK!

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Garishly Gleaming Glitter

The name of her challenges alone sucked me in! I am speaking of the very talented Barb of Haunted Design House. She has a weekly challenge that I happily found just before Halloween. Being as I love Halloween and all things Halloweenie, it was a perfect match. You really should check out her blogs (yes that is plural!), as she is such a positive fun person that oozes through in her posts.

This is my entry into the current challenge. I named it "JUGGLING LIFE". I tried to capture the copious amounts of glitter but I am not the greatest photographer..yet.
I am also not the greatest blogger and so I am still figuring out how to put pics where I want them...sigh. Soon my darlings..soon

This clown has been in my family for years and has always brought me the best of luck. I have met quite a few marvelous people from conversations started over this stamp. I used tons of stickles to bling this baby out. I also tried to make it look like he was juggling in a spotlight. I think I accomplished that, looks like it from my end anyway.

Till next time, ENJOY! Oz

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ben Franklin Card Club

Paula (my sister) and I have been attending the lss card club for a couple of months now. It is the basic store club, they show you new product, discuss up-coming events, and demo a technique. Most clubs run the same, some better some worse. All of the clubs have one thing I am interested in, the people. I want to meet and get to know other crafters. This group seems to have some really fun gals that I am looking forward to getting to know better.

Last month I was a little late in arriving and tried to sneak in quietly while destroying and entire display rack at the same time. Don't try this at home unless you have really good insurance. Of course, I stopped the class and got every ones attention so I introduced myself! What the heck might as well make lemonade right! But the icing on the cake was when Paula arrived right after I had cleaned up my mess and just got the meeting calmed down and everyone looking at Laura (the instructor) again. Paula trips over the chair leg and falls on me. I am thinking this is a joke and how the hell did she find out that I had knocked down the display,what is she psychic or something? so while she is in distress I am introducing her to the crowd and saying things like ... "ho ho really funny sis, I get it!" "Ok so now you have met the dork" I am yucking it up big time and here is my poor sister trying to get her twisted ankle righted up and in real distress. OMG! I really did say some funny stuff cause the whole group is cracking up and my sister is begging me to understand she is really in need of help!

Needless to say, when we went to card club this last Monday, everyone already knew our names and were so glad to see us! I guess my evil plan worked 'cause everyone wanted to sit next to the funny kids. But not to worry, I didn't totally turn off the instructor..... yet!

Paula and I invited a couple of our friends to go with us and everyone is suppose to bring six cards for the exchange. I made up these cards for them so they could play along and take home cards too. Thank you Sharon and Shirley, I know being seen in public with us is not easy!

Till next time, ENJOY! The Oz

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday day to me!!

So many of my friends have a blog and feel that I should have one too. At least that is what they (most everyone I know)keep telling me. Get a blog, you need a blog, do it dagnabit! So, I now have a blog, on my 55th birthday I am starting a blog.
I will be posting pics of my cat, cards I make, projects ... and I will be hopefully sharing my thoughts and random utterings that some of you seem to enjoy. I will not be advertising this until I get it going a little better but I do so hope that it fills the NEED that so many of you think I have.
I do have one more comment. Be careful what you wish for my dear friends, because you may just get want you think you want! LOL Linda aka Oz