Friday, December 4, 2009

Witchy Women Unite

...Or at least get together for tea or something. After all we all have a little bit of witch in us. I believe I have a little more than most...hehe

I made up this card for the current challenge at Haunted Design House. This card came together so crazy backasswards. After stamping, embossing and coloring in the little witch, I cut several pieces of paper because I had it set in my head exactly how I was going to lay up this card. I had this large orange checked background with a rectangle of purple and green striped paper off to the side, then a piece of kraft with a scalloped edge and then the witch just high right center. Do you see any of that??? yeah, me neither...

The large orange check paper happened to be double sided ... I liked the other side better when I got it all ready to glue... thankfully before I put the glue on it. In fact it was when I flipped it over to apply the glue that I did the ... hey, ummm?

Well once I changed that, I couldn't put two stripes together.. well I could... but not when they are going the same direction!! So that piece got tossed. I am not sure where the kraft got lost but let's just say he didn't survive the shuffle.

Anyway, here is my entry this week. Exactly as I planned her out...sort of!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz


  1. Well, whatever the case.... great card, Oz!!

  2. funny! This witch is kinda cute--not too scary. I was gonna ask if you were entering this week...I have a plan, let's see if I can make it happen--exactly like your plan. ha!

    But it turned out great--can't argue with that.

  3. For some folks, the concept of a DARLING witchy card in early Decemberm, might be a little strange... FOR ME {?} It's WONDERFUL! Excellent work, my love!

  4. LOL - giggling as usual when reading your blog.... the best laid plans of mice and men!!!! still this is quite a cute card Oz...

  5. This little witchie is just way tooo cute to be a real witchie. Really great card, Linda!!

    To answer your question about my witchie card....yes it is heat n bond that I use to fuse the fabric to the card base. I use an extra layer of card stock between the iron and my card and it seems to work great. Be sure to keep close watch because it can scorch....I know that from experience. LOL

  6. Too freakin' cute... and I typically don't have a plan, so you are one step ahead of me ;) Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!


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