Friday, December 25, 2009

Wintery Wraiths

Generally I think my cards look better on the computer screen than in real life but this one is the exception. This is my entry for Haunted Design House challenge #18 .
Barb wanted us to come up Wintry Wraiths this time. A wraith is something that is shadowy or insubstantial, ghost like.
I wrapped the grey card stock in this green shimmery tulle that gave it a very interesting texture and airy feel. I then stamped "her" face on the vellum strip with grey chalk ink. Very soft but so visible at the same time. The Believe was stamped in Versamark and embossed with a translucent satin pearl embossing powder. After tearing the vellum strip, I adhered it to the card with glue dots, then hide the glue dots by adding pearls on the top.
This card is so eerily beautiful in real life. The slightest movement makes "her" face appear and disappear. The tulle glimmers, sparkles and changes color constantly. The sentiment, being in a pearl finish, goes from matching the green of the tulle to a brilliant cream and back to all most clear with just the slightest movement. Very interesting effects.
I am so pleased with the card just not my photographic achievements...oh well next time!
To Barb, thank you for giving us another week. To Lynx, did you tell me to get my finger out of my...?? ROFL!


  1. WOW - when you click on the photo it comes up large... and my... you can see every little detail - just awesome.... love it Linda. Another winner I'm sure.

  2. This is amazing Linda, very eery! Jo x

  3. Just lovely! What a wonderful combination of items and the creativity to do so is FABULOUS! Just plain amazing!

  4. Beautiful, as usual, Oz ;) Love the texture & shimmery background especially! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  5. Very cool. You do come up with some amazing techniques!

  6. wow! the background looks amazing! I wish I could see this card close and in real life! it's beautiful by looking at your photos!

  7. This technique is sooo unique! Love it!

  8. You are so cute! And crafty... and SPOOKY, yet somehow, merrily festive! Gorgeous!

  9. really beautiful.... i just said to get your finger out....not out of where or what!!!!
    Oz... REALLY... what are you like? hope you had a smashing christmas and look so forward to your unique craziness in 2010... love lynx

    Dont forget the new MM challenge.... see you there on sunday!xxx


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