Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tag your it!

It seems like tags are on every one's mind lately. From the Hero Arts challenge, t!m Holtz's 12 days of deliciousness, and my friend Elise coming down with Snowman-itis, everything is Tag, tag and TAG!

Now don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. Not one little bit. In fact I am celebrating! I love making, using and swapping tags. They are such a fun useful item. Just practically perfect in every way.

Tags can be used in so many applications. Everything needs to be tagged. I have boxes filled with useful goodies but when the lid is on them... who knows what is inside. I tag that box and a miracle happens. I now know not only what is in the box but I also know what I haven't used in the last six months because it was shoved in that box in the back of my closet.

Why tags are so useful and important they will put one on your toe when you die. Now you can't get anymore important than that! Oh no-siree-bob!

So, in honor of all this tagliciousness, I am going to try and do my own "Tag-a-long with Linda" celebration right here in my own little space I have created. My intent is to post 12 tags between now and Eve-eve (Dec 23rd). I will be making each tag new and sharing with you, my most favorite blog-land buddies, how I managed to get it made.

Now, I am off to check out day 2 with the t!m-ster! And remember.. this is the most wonderful time of the year!

Till next time, ENJOY! the Oz


  1. Great Tag Linda, and congratulations on your Caardvarks win.

  2. Love this tag! Congratulations on your Caardvarks win!!!


  3. Congratulations on your Caardvarks win, awesome coloring, and awesome card!! Very vell deserved Linda, enjoy your prize!!!!

  4. Cute tag Oz... and congrats on your win.... That was one great card.

  5. It IS the most wonderful T!M(E) of the year! HEEE HEEE This ROCKS! You are on SUCH a creative roll, indeed! This blog is such an excellent showcase for your mighty talent! I'm so glad you are playing along with the Tim theme... YOU'RE AWESOME and INSPIRATIONAL!


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