Tuesday, December 8, 2009

and the crowd goes wild!!!!!

as I march up the center isle with my crown and scepter... nodding to the crowd, waving wrist, wrist, elbow, then elbow! The cheering, the thunderous applause.. so overwhelming and yet... so damn delicious! As I slowly ascend the steps to the stage, I reflect on the other people who helped make this all possible. Barb, for hosting the site. Lynx for showing me what "dark" is suppose to look like. Charlene, for nudging me on while still giggling side by side. The bugs, Glow and Lady, for their fabulous contributions... ah the list goes on. I am standing at the microphone now. Shaking slightly, so excitedly short of breath, trying to concentrate on the crowd while repeatedly reminding myself..."act humble, act humble"
I have practiced this a thousand times in the mirror. Always perfect coiffed, calm but with a slight blush and glow. Take a gasp and put a hand to your chest to show your sincerity. Now, just before the crowd completely sits down... opening my mouth to speak the words I have rehearsed... "I would like to thank the academy..."

uh what...oh damn .. wrong speech!!

Ok, so I am not 18 and writing country music and I don't' have anyone jumping in and saying I don't deserve it... well maybe a few but they are so much more polite about it. I am still so damn tickled I could piddle!!

I was picked as MASTER OF MACABRE for November 2009!!!
Thank you, thank you everyone for making this possible! Especially you Mr Random Generator. You wonderfully sexy number picking thingy you. I will save you a seat at the head table..maybe afterwards drinks...ummm??

on a more serious note.. I am pleased and having so darn much fun. I encourage everyone I know to check out Barb's challenge and play along a few times. It is fun to let your hair down and stretch your boundaries. Stepping outside the box is relaxing, tax deductable and calorie free! You never know, maybe you won't bumble your acceptance speech as much as I did!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz


  1. Well, congratulations, girl!! Going right over there to check it out.....

  2. Congrats girl! Your acceptance speech was fabulous!!

  3. OMG! You are so damn funny... abso-freakin-lutely awesome acceptance speech ;) And let me just say that I'm so glad you are a part of Macabre Mondays!!!

  4. .... and there aint much i can show you... but thanks for saying i had a small contrbution in your GREATNESS! YOU ARE THE MASTER.... I am now on bended knee... tugging at my forlock... eyes averted...
    WELL DONE MATE.... you do deserve it... you know you do!!!
    Its the 1 challenge a week that i really enjoy... and i love seeing what you come up with.... what you doing for this weeks i wonder?
    Keep safe... love lynx

  5. Me again......just wanted to say thanks for making the comment on my blog about putting up wallpaper and laying carpet every 5 minutes.....it's true! If I'd have known blogging was this much fun, I'd have started AGES ago!!

  6. WHOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Big Congrats....so totally deserved!!!!!! Off to check it out!

  7. Congrats to you Missy Oz!!!! I am so sure it is a win well deserved. I am off to check it all out - WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO

  8. You crack me up! Congratulations!!!


  9. congratulations!! love your acceptance speech!! you are so fun!!

  10. Now I've finally got up off the floor.... and holding my sides from laughing so much Oz... congrats. I just know when I see a new post from you, I'll be heading off to bed happy ( all to do with the time difference!!!!! it's my beddy-byes as you start posting!!!!)
    Oz... you are just amazing... love ya.
    PS - you are so right...that green ink is just an awesome colour...thanks heaps

  11. You are one cool and slightly crazeeeee lady! Big congrats, Jo x

  12. Woo Hoo Super Duper congats Ozzzzzzz!!!! Loved your speech you are so darn funny! Miss ya!

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