Thursday, March 4, 2010

well some of us have to look the same...

or there would never be a crowd to "Stand Out" of.

Grandma Barb, at Stamp It Crazy, challenge this week is... wait for it... wait.... COWS!

What do you mean you guessed it already?

Well anyway, I made up this card with what turns out to be the only cow stamp I own. But as luck would have it, that is about to change. Grandma Barb is giving out a cow stamp to everyone that enters. Yep you heard it here first... that is unless you already knew. So then you heard it here again!

So I ask you, what is more fun that cow tippin?... why that would be COW STAMPIN!! Break out your COWs ladies, get a card made and entered! You have until the 6th of March to enter.

I double cow dare ya!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz


  1. Your killin me here......LOL How do people in Oregon know about Cow Tippin....Thats an Iowa Thing don't ya know..LOL Isn't funny people only have One Cow stamp! Ok, I only have one cow stamp

  2. Linda, Linda, LINDA! Oh you are SUCH my soul sista! This is FABULOUS! This is spectacular! THIS is my cup of TEA, urrr, milk! I LOVE it, darlin' and I L-O-V-E YOU! I had NO idea such a great challenge existed! I'm alllllll over this! YOU are such fun, sweet gal! I'd listen to you via blue tooth any time!

  3. Well if I did own a cow stamp it would have to be this one!!!!!!! You are so funny and your card has moo-ved me so much. (Sorry, that really was the best cow joke I could come up with this early in the morning. I'll check in again later if I've come up with an udder one) Sorry, not sure what I made my porridge with this morning... Jo x

  4. what a fab design!! love this!! oh-uh, don't think i have a cow stamp....

  5. I don't own a cow stamp..that should change now! LOVE your cow cute and it cetainly stands out :)

  6. So freakin' cute... LOVE the clean look! Cow-tippin' is a Kansas thing, too, by the way :)

  7. You always make me giggle! I really like your cow card - it IS one of a kind, just like you! Wishing you luck in that challenge!

  8. Absolutely hysterical! You always make me laugh! Super card!


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