Monday, February 22, 2010

Olá Blogland Friends and Family

Now you know how to greet people in Portuguese!
If you have a Flickr photostream you will recognize this opening. Everyday a new greeting in a different language. My fave is OH HAI! that is hello in lolcat speak... hehe
If you are not familiar with that language, you are missing out on some of the most precious pet pictures ever! Go to and take some tissue as you will laugh till you have tears running down your checks. I promise!

Now for what I really came to talk about. Flickr. I joined Flickr as a way to share photos with my Oregon Country Fair family. I never imagined I would be using it on a daily basis. Just a once a year post of some pics I took so that others could grab them easily.
Oh silly me!

Then Jennifer McGuire came into my life. Most of you reading this know who she is, in fact I would bet all of you reading this do! When I became a fan of hers, she introduced me to the "lovely ladies on Flickr" I believe that to be a direct quote. After about the third or so time she linked to them, I decided to check it out closer.

Just what was this group all about. OMG!!!! Not only did they post pictures of the cards and projects they made but... and this is the biggest BUT of all... they left comments and supported each other.

They were like little mini "I UNDERSTAND" from all over the world!
I had to be a part of this. My heart, my head, even my stomach ached to be part of this network of fellow crafters that not only understood why we do what we do but wanted to encourage others to share and understand too. So many places were limited to just one style of crafting. Some, actually most, were limited to a very "advanced" group. Alot of places I had seen were only welcoming "ARTists". Crafters were ... well lets just leave it at ... unwelcome.

Now I know this is just one group of many on Flickr. In fact, this is the Hero Arts group on Flickr and Hero Arts is a wonderful company on it own. But there is something magical about this particular group. Some little spark that I have not found in any other group.

I was made to feel welcome the very first day and still feel that way every time I go there. I have not once witnessed anyone being anything but encouraged and praised for their work, time and effort.
I am proud to be a "Crafter" and I am so very proud to be part of this Flickr group.

Thank you to my Flickr friends and family. You make my life better, easier and so much more ENJOYable!
See ya round the pool, Linda aka Oz


  1. Beautiful card, Oz! And you are right about needing tissues to go to 'icanhascheeseburger'... too freakin' funny.

    And thanks for sharing about the Flicker group :)

  2. Oz, bravo, so well said! I feel the same way, I love the way we treat each other with respect and affection. Why can't the rest of the world learn to play nice like us?

    Thanks for that link to the cheezycats; have seen forwarded emails with some of the posts; nice to know I can go here when I need a good chuckle.

    LOVE your card - it's you alright! :) Hugs!

  3. you put what I feel about Hero and Hero's Flickr group in words perfectly, Linda! I am stupid at words, but you said it for me and I think for most of the ladies that joined Hero's Flickr group! I am so proud of being a member and so proud to know you through it!! =) Love your beautiful card, too!

  4. You're so sweet and funny, Oz. You beautifully put into words how so many of us feel about the Flickr Group. Great card. Hubby loves, too!

  5. OOOHHH Linda... so well put... I couldn't say as well. This group of people are just the best... so encouraging and YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEST!!!!! Your card is awesome BTW.

  6. I agree with you to the flickr group, glad to be with all the wonderful people who are in this group.Love your card is beautiful and as they say in Spain "Gracias Linda" =P

  7. 你所貫徹的形象,你喜愛它有多少百分比,你就幸福多少百分比..............................

  8. Hello Missy Linda :D, I too agree with what everyone else has said about what you have said about the Hero Arts flickr group. What a great way to express it. I also love the card & the others that have been posted on flickr recently even tho' I haven't been able to leave a comment :(. Take care my friend xoxoxoxo

  9. Love your post about Hero and Flickr!!! I feel the same way, my friend, and sweet, fun Linda you are a vital part of that "spark!" Thank you!!!! :) PS- your card---G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.!!!

  10. You said that so much better than I ever could...but that is exactly what is in my heart, too! I love the lovely ladies of the Hero Arts Flickr group, especially you dear Linda. Your inspiration and encouragement is a true blessing to me! Inspiration like your card on this beautiful!!
    PS-being a dog lover, I'm a fan of loldogs

  11. Hey Oz - continueing to love your blog!! I recently joined the HA Flickr group too as I can't resist HA stamps any longer!! LOL. I look forward to this encouragement and I know that I have already found a ton of inspiration on that site!!

  12. Awwww...sweet! So glad I also found the HA group--so darn much inspiration and talent there--including Miss Oz! Speaking of the group, I have a Tim Holtz inkpad with your name on it if you tell me if you like Chipped Sapphire or Wild Honey better.

    Let me know!

  13. I love ya, soul sista! AMEN! To all of that! You ROCK! Thanks for ALWAYS, and I mean always, making me delighted to be a part of your blog world!


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