Sunday, March 7, 2010

stuck inside ...

but not pouting about it! And why you say? Well because I have a ton of product just waiting to get used up in the best possible way. Ahhhhh my kind of heaven! Time and craft crap!!!!!

Yesterday was a beautifully sunny day, I know that because I could see it through the window. Today is a beautifully hazy gray day and once again I know because I can see it through a window... but this is my craft room window and that makes all the difference in the world!

That little quivery shaking feeling that had you a bit worried that perhaps it was an earthquake... no need to worry. Is just me Happy Dancing !!!

till next time, ENJOY!! I am.. the Oz


  1. LOL - felt the happy dance all the way over here in NZ Oz. I can't wait for the gray days so I can legitably play inside.... our late summer is so nice, it is such a shame to be inside when it is nice outside!!!
    BTW - love the card!!!

  2. Oh Oz, that was a nice piece of heaven, and your card is simple and beautiful, Look at the window more, there is life out there, Show us your true colors.

  3. Well, HOW YOU DOIN', happy dancer!?! This card is breath taking - sincerely. Simply exquisite work... Shut in, or not - I hope you DANCE!

  4. very pretty one layer card, Linda! love it!

  5. This card just blows me away! Love it! And so glad you are happy dancin'!

  6. WOW, this is just stunning Linda. Love coming to visit you!

  7. Hey Gorgeous Lady :D!! How have you been? This is such a gorgeous card. I've missed seeing your lovely cards of late xoxoxoxoxo

  8. That card is GOR-geous!! I'd be doing happy dances too if I made something this fabulous! Enjoy the crafting but get some sun!

  9. Can you tell me how you achieved this beautiful effect?
    Thanks a million.

    1. thank you very much Chris for the sweet mention. This card has a nice kraft base in which I stamped the image with chalk ink from colorsnap. I believe the color could have been chestnut roan. To then bring out the warmth and light that the artist craved into the rubber, I encouraged a white colored pencil to understand the image and love it as much as I do.
      So Chris, take a deep breathe and get to know your products. They will return the favor in kind. Thank you and enjoy, the Oz


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