Sunday, March 14, 2010

to little.... too late....

I was admiring (translates to pilfering) my mom's rubber stamp stash and came across this tiny little naked doll. I do so love dolls. And if you were ever a doll person you know that most dolls do spend a lot of naked time between outfits. Some dolls seem to spend most of their life naked.
I was so drawn to this lovely little image of this bisque type doll, I just knew I had to use it.

so that is the "to little..." part. Now on to "the so darn late on everything" part.....

Barb at Stamp It Crazy chose Favorite Song for her challenge last week. I was going to put this card up for "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses but between work and that boring old need of sleep did not get it posted in time. Miss #1.

Barb at Haunted Design House did the theme of Devilish or little devil... not an exact quote... but close. I wanted to finish this card and thought I could change her up just a bit to fit the theme. It turns out that today is Spring Ahead day and Barb lives in some other time zone... Miss #2.

Like a brilliant flash of an old friend... memory... I thought of another challenge it would fit and while it would have fit perfectly.... that challenge closed last Thursday... Strike OUT!

So while I love this little card, even with the smudgy dolly arm, she will not be out there in Challenge world for all to peruse. She will stay here in my little blogland planet answering the life long question.... "What in the devil are you up to child?"

"Nothing Mommy, just playing dolly."

till next time, Enjoy. the Oz


  1. I love it, love it, love it!!! So glad you shared regardless because this is AWESOME!!!

  2. Damn timezones :) I'm glad you shared it, too! And what's even going to be funnier... when you see what Monday's new challenge is! {bwahhh haaa haaaaaa!!!} You'll do that, too when you see it :) sucka

  3. Oh, how I wish I could write like you! I'm so there with you. Sorry none of your challenges worked out. There's always next week! I think she's super cute!

  4. I do love dolls Linda and you're so right about being naked all the time before we give her an outfit..When i was child, i used to change my doll's cloth ten times a day..LOL!!
    Sorry about being late for those challenges, i've experience that too.. the good thing is always another challenge out there!! :)

  5. So sorry she didn't make it in time for any challenges, but so glad that you shared her with "little old us"! She is very appealing!

  6. The important thing is that you got some time to be creative, you made a delightful little card, and you have a very sad "missed all the challenge deadlines" story to tell. I, for one, am so glad you shared with us, your loyal blog readers! Maybe a bigger calendar would help...?

  7. I love it! She looks so sweet and innocent and then when you see her up close.... Brilliant!

  8. Great fun! As a child I painted my doll's face with pink nail varnish... thankfully my Mom found her and got busy with the remover. I was an odd child... Jo x

  9. so cute! love the soft colors and the distressing on this! thanks for sharing!

  10. Such a great card Linda, shame you were late for the challenges, what is it with girls and dolls, I always used to cut the hair of my dolls so they all had a grade one, going bald look poor things!!!

  11. Okay, so here I am looking at what appears to be an completely adorable card of a little girl carrying a dolly and then I realize the little dolly is on a plate with pins stuck in her!!! Only you, Oz, could come up with such an insane idea! And I have to say, it made me chuckle!! You da bomb!!

  12. Hiii Oz....
    Great Card! Love the little doll.
    I just found your blog today, from the HA Flickr group. Anddd I just watched your YouTube video on how to make the distressed background. I Loveddd it! :)
    It's definitely on my list of things to try out! Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration!

    "Your new follower"...
    ~ Ayana

  13. Love this! And even though it isn't in challenge world...we are ALL enjoying it!!! :)

  14. I dunno, sometimes I think that NOT making it quite to the challenge deadline can be extremely freeing! This is HILARIOUS and wonderfully executed! You 'da-WOman!

  15. I like "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns and Roses so much I made it into a (stamped, of course) plaque for my son. Turned out a bit frilly for a boy, but that's OK...
    I'd love to spend a day together... stampin', laughin', and music! (I promise I won't sing Sweet Child of Mine like I do when I'm by myself driving up the Coast Highway)


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