Monday, February 15, 2010

may I buy you a drink?

if I had a nickle for everytime a handsome fellow asked me that question, I would be ... ummm 25 cents richer? LOL The guys in my neighborhood were more likey to say... "hey, get me a beer while you are up".

That brings me to this handsome dude. All decked out in his evening wear, slicked up, bright eyed and ready to PaaR-Ty!

This happens to be a sticker from a Miss Elizabeth collection called "Cats & Vats". I picked it up at the Dollar Store a hundred years ago and stashed it away with the rest of my hoard! Oh if you could see my filing system, shudder! But lucky for me, I do have a couple of brain cells left in the "where did I put that" section of my grey matter.

I am putting this handsome fellow up for the challenge of becoming the most "Victorious Vampire" in Barb's Haunted Design House Vampy Vampyress challenge. Know I now you are saying to yourself, "that Oz has slipped a cog, doesn't she know that Vampyress means female!" Well yes I do know that, but my Vamp and I feel that is a bit sexist on Barb's part. We hatched a plan to crash this little prissy party in protest! We stand before you and declare that we plan to show you that men can put the "VAMP" back in "VAMPIRE"!


I am feeling a little drained now, I think I will take a nap.

till next time, the Oz


  1. The water I was drinking totally just went up my nose... OMFG, you crack me up, Oz! Is that "vam-pi-resses" or "vam-prisses"... as in a totally diss to my girliness?! {snap snap SNAP} :)
    I LOVE your dude-vampire... he is so cute with that look on his face... and it looks like he is pitting into the brew ;) Thanks for breakin' the mold over at Macabre Mondays! :P

  2. LOL.....You Crack me UP!!! I got to remember that one! Here i am laughing out loud and my daughter thinks I am Oh well...join the crowd... Barb You didn't say OMF (Freakin)right? Hey I just learned what WTF meant, I am old!

  3. He's fabulous... does he have a date for the evening? Jo x

  4. I showed a reaction similar to Barb - not with water but with chocolate. I will never ever visit your blog again while eating or drinking something. Will stopp and swallow before I click the link.
    He looks like he was very careful with his preparations for this evening. Look- 4 vampire-teeth. In case of cavity he will still keep his bite.
    Cool colours. Love your card.
    Btw. Thanks to your mentioning cats in your post I will try to make a cat-vampire (I still haven't any scary stamps)Hope I'll finish her until sunday!

  5. I am beginning to think that you must be related to Tim Burton! LOL! It's that freakish detail that gives it away! Your work is always crazy and creative!

  6. Lol, love your card and your post. Now, you KNOW that if a guy in party gear turns up at a girls' night, we're gonna put on some music and make him strip, right? LOL, is that the real reason he's standing behind a bar with that look? :P:P:P

  7. Haha, my first time visiting your blog! Had a great chuckle... I will be back for more laughs :-)

  8. Hi I just love the sticker you have used your card is great very funny.
    Luv Jane xxx

  9. This is fabulous OZ! What a FUN sticker!!!!


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