Sunday, February 21, 2010

my little home

and me are such good buddies. I have managed to get my shrinky dink craft space organized enough that I can work in it anytime day or night. My kitchen is actually set up enough to make a meal. And I don't just mean the microwave is plugged in... although it is.
My bed is so comfy cozy and the morning light shines on my face just enough to wake me.
My bunny likes his new blankie I made for him and my cat loves to cuddle with me at night.
Ya know... life is good.

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz


  1. Sounds like heaven Miss Oz!!!!!
    And it sounds like your home is just right:)

    Sweet card.. I love house stuff!!

  2. Gorgeous card Oz, I love craft so much!!! So glad you are getting everything just how you want it, Jo x

  3. Super cute!!!! Glad your place is coming right at last!!! No more floods

  4. FABULOUS card! Yes, we should be all thankful for however small things are there for us...Glad that you are :)

  5. Love your card and your post! Such a wonderful reminder about feeling gratitude for all of the *little* things!

  6. Hi Missy Linda :D, I loke your card & post today. Made me feel good. Take care xoxoxoxoxo

  7. You are WONDERFUL!

    'Scuse me while I go search for a kitty or something... Oh, gooooooood, I've got one RIGHT here on the couch behind me and a lil' Oatis dog by my left leg - HEY! I"m all cozy at home, too! Thanks for reminding me about the little things... AND YOUR HUGE TALENT! That is a WONDERFUL lil' neighborhood you've crafted! You are a HAPPY crafter/homemaker! I love it!

  8. ahhh.. such a warm space you have, Linda! it sounds so cozy! =) wonderful card, too!


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