Tuesday, January 12, 2010

eerie elegance

As my BFF's (best faithful followers) you know that I have been having a lot of fun playing over at Barb Fosters' blog called Haunted Design House. Her weekly challenges are fun and a bit quirky. That fits me to a "T".. I have the honor of sponsoring this week's prize. Now doesn't that sound like I have passed into the big time? I am so fancy smancy and all. What it really means is that I found some really good deals after Halloween this year and I love sharing!

So my dear BFFs get out your stash out and make a card to entry this week. All the details are here and this is an challenge that everyone can sink their teeth into. Show me some love ladies.

Although I can't win, it would save me postage but it just wouldn't be right, I have made up an entry. Ya know 'cause I just love to play along.

I was trying to make a duplicate of the card I made for Lucy's wedding only in black. But there was no way to photograph it. I am just not that good with my camera... at all! So I played with some gray on gray and this is what grew. Never meant to go all Valentine-y but these cards have a mind of their own. I just sit and watch it happen.... all zombie like... slacked jawed and drooling.
Now doesn't that draw a glamours picture of me!

Check out the details and play along. See ya on the dark side...

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz


  1. Love those birds with the chain and the heart! I'll have to check out the challenge... :)

  2. Man, you crack me up ;) And the card is just beautiful, Oz! Lovey-dovey gone goth... me likey! And thanks again for sponsoring the challenge... you rock!

  3. Certainly prefered the idea of you as 'fun and quirky' rather than 'slack jawed and drooling' babe! Love your card, very gorgeous and ever so slightly Goth! Jo x

  4. Slack-jawed and drooling?? Sounds like Night of the Living Dead Cardmaker!! Heee Hee! Lovely, gothy card Oz!

  5. The card is stunning! I do know what you mean about a mind of their own. Those are the ones that I am most pleased with when I finish. It is when they sit silent with no opinion that I am not so thrilled :)

  6. Love it! Sometimes, color on color photographs best at an angle. You could try that?
    This card is so pretty though, I would love to see it black on black too! Great job, Oz!!!

  7. I received this package yesterday. Thank you SO much! It is fabulous and I am going to just have a BLAST playing with everything!!!!


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