Sunday, May 16, 2010

that voodoo that yoodoo so well.....

My sister Paula and I worked side by side in my little shrinky dink craft space and whipped up this creation for the current Haunted Design House challenge. Barb is testing our voodoo knowledge this week. Her instructions were as follows: Images and/or sentiments of the voodoo persuasion. Witch doctors, medicine men, deep south voodoo...

The first thing I thought about was women all dressed in white dancing and gyrating the night away. Stimulating and stirring up the blood. The second thing was a small table in the corner of the room covered in bottles, bowls, candles and chicken bones. Dried ingredients mixed to conger up the perfect spirits to protect your home. A blessing or two mixed in among a spell cast on that darling man who passes out the hymnals on Sunday. Nothing bad, just a nudge my direction.

My sister, Paula, had also thought of the shrine(although after I did) and so suggested me make it together. What fun!! I love crafting together! We will labor and work away making "MY" entry into Barb's weekly challenge.... whoo HOOo!
Now remember this is MY craft room, MY paper, ink, stamps, scissors and most tools!! Basically even MY idea!!!! So do you agree it should be my entry??
I even have the law on my side... Possession is 9/10th of the law...RIGHT!!

So when you stop by Haunted Design House to check out all the marvelous entries this week just remember, that one that looks like my card.... IS MY CARD!!

till next time, ENJOY! the Oz

oh UP-DATE UP-DATE!! go here and see what Paula is saying about MY card now!


  1. WOW, that is one hell of a shrine. Pardon my french. Love the background paper the both of you ..OUCH ... picked out. And how did the two of you ...OW!!!.... make that bottle. It looks so real. Plus plus also and I love how you both ...AUW AUW AUW!!!... made the flame come out of the pile of bones.
    Okay, I'll be good...
    I love YOUR card Oz. Everything about is perfection. It was very nice of your sister to gracefully assist you with this task :-)

  2. YOUR card is fabulous, Oz!! All the details on YOUR card are simply amazing!! Because yes, possession is 9/10 of the law!! Hee hee!

  3. LOVE this! You (and your sister) are amazing :) I can totally see this little voodoo shop... the chicken bones are PERFECT! Thanks so much for playing along with Macabre Monday!

  4. WAAAY cool, Oz! Obviously your sister is learning from the great one and is very lucky to have you! :D LOVE this! xxD

  5. You're hilarious! Glad to know that your creative spark and fabulousness are still in tact, sweet and oh so crafty one! And as for ownership of this gorgeous creation, all I can say is that with a sister as fun and supportive as yours... um... {I think you should share the glory!} Just sayin'!

    I love you, dear! You are in my thoughts EVERY day!

  6. I think YOUR card is the bomb momma OZ!!!! Spooky and creepy, in the best way :) Hugs T

  7. HEE HEE.... you two make me laugh!!!!! I think between you one creepy card emerged!!!! Love the spooky theme. Glad you two had so much fun doing this entry. Way to go girls!!!!!

  8. You are so funny Linda, great card... there's nothing like team work! Jo x

  9. If you say it is YOUR card, it IS your card!! I will back you up all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. awesome card Oz.. i'm thinking of you!!

  11. What a GREAT card! Thanks for sharing!


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